Unsheathing and Sheathing the Katana
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The blade fit in the scabbard (saya) is deliberately firm to avoid accidental unsheathing. Do not unsheathe the blade by simply pulling the handle and the scabbard apart, this is dangerous and will wear the scabbard throat (koiguchi). To correctly unsheathe the blade, hold the wrapped section of the scabbard with the left hand (edge side up) and the handle with the right hand. With the left thumb push away the guard (tsuba) away from the throat of the scabbard (Fig. A shows the Golden Oriole Katana).

When the friction resistance is broken, slide the blade gently from the scabbard, making sure the back of the blade, not the edge, contacts the scabbard during the withdrawal (Fig. B Golden Oriole Katana). This avoids dulling the blade and cutting the scabbard.

To re-sheath the blade, hold the katana handle in the right hand, edge up, and the scabbard by the wrapped section with the left hand, making sure that the scabbard is curving in the same direction as the blade. Carefully insert the tip of the blade into the throat of the scabbard and gently slide the scabbard and blade together, again making sure that the back of the blade, not the edge, is in contact with the scabbard. Resistance will be felt when the guard is within about an inch of the scabbard, and a slightly firmer push will then be needed to fully seat the blade.

Always store your Katana horizontally with the edge side up. This prevents the edge from bearing on the scabbard and preserves the condition of both. If the fit between the Katana and the scabbard becomes loose, through usage, the fit must be restored to prevent accidental unsheathing (Picture shows the Practical Special Katana).

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